Event Collaborations


Cooperation Saturday Matinée Afropfingsten 2017

Musica Aperta

musica aperta offers a platform to local and international Ensembles in Winterthur.

Since 2015 musica aperta is organizing regularly concerts at the Villa Sträuli. 


The Institute of Incoherent Cinematography furthers the reputation of silent film and brings silent films to life through live accompaniment. 

2013 - 2016, the Villa Sträuli, in collaboration with the IOIC, has been hosting screenings of silent films with live accompaniment featuring a vast spectrum of musical styles.

Mondrian Ensemble

Exploration of new and the very newest music is every bit as important to the Mondrian Ensemble as its in-depth focus on the classical-romantic repertoire. 

The Villa Sträuli’s partnership with the Basel-based Mondrian Ensemble started in autumn 2009. Since then the Mondrian Ensemble has performed regularly at the Villa.


Fast-paced poetry slams, dramatic and performance art, rousing speeches, lively debates, and thought-provoking  readings—elements from all these merge into a single art form: the spoken word. Sprinklings of music add spice to the whole. 

Salonpalaver has been providing spoken-word poets with a platform to perform ca. four times a year since June 2010. Salonpalaver venues alternate between the Villa Sträuli’s golden salon in Winterthur, Sphères in Zurich, and other locations.


About once a month during the winter music-lovers stage concerts by Swiss artists at Winterthur’s Theater am Gleis. The concerts are small, tranquil events in a theatre setting. 

The Molton programme also includes a guest concert at the Villa Sträuli, often with musicians from outside of Switzerland.


The biggest festival in Switzerland devoted to African and world music is held each year in Winterthur over the Whitsun weekend. 

The Villa Sträuli’s Whitsun Saturday Matinee concert always features a musician from the Afro-Pfingsten festival programme.

InGuitar Festival

The Winterthur In Guitar Festival is a four-day international guitar festival that takes place every spring. Concerts are held in a variety of Winterthur venues, including the Casinotheater Winterthur, Alte Kaserne, Theater am Gleis, Villa Sträuli, Marionettentheater im Waaghaus, and the Kunsthalle Winterthur. 

The Villa Sträuli hosts a Saturday Matinee concert in conjunction with this festival.  

Winterthur Nachhaltig      

Forty years after the Club of Rome published The Limits to Growth the book’s subject is still relevant. A number of Winterthur-based organisations and companies have used the anniversary as an opportunity to explore, in concrete terms, what sustainability means to them. 

In 2012, the anniversary year, the Villa Sträuli participated by hosting Anna Mendelssohn’s “Cry Me A River: A Solo Performance About Inner and Outer Climate Catastrophes”, an event organised in cooperation with the Theater Winterthur.

Artists-in-Residence Collaborations

artists in residence ch

Artists in Residence CH and all of its members are important partners for the Villa Sträuli; the Villa is able to draw on the group’s vast repository of experiences with artist residencies.   

Members support one another with tips and enjoy a collective presence via the website www.artistsinresidence.ch. The Villa Sträuli is also able to announce its open studios on the website as well as provide information about its current artists-in-residence and events.

oxyd Kunsträume

oxyd as a partner for projects in contemporary visual art, understands itsself as a space for encounter. oxyd wants to address a broad public, reduce critical cultural concerns, support art appriciation and enjoyment of art. For each exhibition oxyd organizes artists talks and additional events.
In autumn 2018 two of our artists in residence have the opportunity to realize an exhibition in the oxyd Kunsträume space.

Ensemble TaG

The Winterthur-based Ensemble TaG was founded in 1992 for the purpose of performing contemporary music in Winterthur and has since become one of the more renowned contemporary music ensembles in Switzerland. 

Ensemble TaG is a Villa Sträuli partner for composers of contemporary music working at the Villa Sträuli as artists-in-residence.

Ensemble members perform compositions by resident Villa Sträuli composers at Meet the Artist portrait concerts.

Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur

Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur is Switzerland’s most important short film festival. It takes place each year in November and is both a popular event for the filmgoing public and an important meeting place for the short film industry. 

From time to time the Villa Sträuli provides living and working space for filmmakers who have been invited by the Internationale Kurzfilmtage for special projects.


Autorinnen und Autoren der Schweiz

Pro Helvetia
International Cultural Exchange   

The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia promotes cultural exchange between Switzerland and other countries. 

Pro Helvetia works with the Villa Sträuli to provide foreign artists with work residencies in Switzerland.

Radio Stadtfilter

Since March 2009 Radio Stadtfilter has been broadcasting a full range of programming produced by six staff members and 200 volunteer producers. Radio Stadtfilter’s programming is independent and primarily dedicated to local concerns.
Our artists-in-residence are given the opportunity to introduce themselves and their work on Radio Stadtfilter’s show “High Noon”.

Interview with Shaima Kamel (2013)


Villa Sträuli is Member of the worldwide network of Artist residencies Resartis. They offer good information about residencies. 
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