The Villa Sträuli, a project of the Sulzberg Foundation Winterthur, was already a lively residence and site of cultural encounters—well-known far and wide for its concerts—during the lifetime of its founder Doris Sträuli-Keller. This tradition lives on in the stylishly renovated facilities. With its unique atmosphere, the Villa Sträuli provides space for thinking aloud and quiet contemplation in an ideal working environment. A place of warm hospitality and artistic exchange, the Villa Sträuli aims to promote inspiring encounters between its artists-in-residence, the local cultural scene, and an interested general public.

The Villa Sträuli in Winterthur is centrally located, just a five-minute walk from the train station. Situated in a large garden across from the city park, the Villa is in the immediate vicinity of the theatre, art museum, and the concert hall in the Stadthaus. The neo-baroque Villa, built at the beginning of the twentieth century, is well-preserved, surviving virtually in its original condition, and is today under landmark protection.
The Villa has three storeys. A bistro and three stylish salons used for cultural events and private functions are located on the ground floor. Three live-in studios for creative artists (artists-in-residence) have been constructed in the upper storeys and loft spaces.  

Upon request, the entrance to the Villa Sträuli’s ground floor can be made accessible for (motorised) wheelchairs. Because of the building’s preservation status, the restrooms are, unfortunately, not wheelchair accessible.
Winterthur, a garden city, has over 100,000 residents, making it the sixth largest city in Switzerland. Nestled in a green, hilly landscape, this once industrial city evolved into a cultural centre and seat of learning that is now home to a wide variety of museums, concert venues, theatres, and educational establishments.

Winterthur is located to the east of Zurich, not far from the airport, and is well connected to the region’s network of public transportation.

Villa Sträuli Mission Statement

The Villa Sträuli is a place of encounter, cultural exchange, and hospitality. It is a place where culture and the people who create and communicate it can be discovered and experienced up close and first-hand—a place where visitors are able to interact with the artists who reside, work, and perform at the Villa. The Villa Sträuli is a cultural gem with a brilliance and radiance that extends both to the city of Winterthur and beyond. It does not see itself as an additional product for cultural consumption in the market of cultural service providers. It encourages critical thinking, generates new ideas, takes its own initiatives, and searches for novel ways to present and communicate cultural content. The Villa Sträuli relies on the participation of a culturally engaged public and on partnership arrangements with other institutions, cultural operators, and cultural disseminators. An enthusiastic public response is vital to the Villa Sträuli. More important than attendance figures alone, however, is the number of people who see the Villa Sträuli as an extraordinary place to encounter the unexpected and surprising—as a place to think outside the box—and who help to propagate this vision. Through its activities, offerings, and the conduct of all who keep the Villa going, the Villa Sträuli showcases itself to both local communities and visitors as a site of hospitality. The Villa Sträuli’s spatial and financial limitations and the careful handling of its resources constitute part of its programme. The Villa does not seek quantitative growth in spatial and financial terms but rather qualitative development—an enhancing of its content and a strengthening of its impact and reach.
Artists-in-Residence A main focus of the Villa Sträuli is to make available studios for artists in all artistic disciplines, providing selected artists with a place to develop their objectives and projects. Encounters with creative people from around the world lead to the mutual exchange of cultural and human values—this idea lies at the centre of the Villa Sträuli’s efforts. The Villa Sträuli advocates the networking of creative artists with the local, national, and international cultural scene. The connection to the city of Winterthur’s cultural life is an important component of these networking activities. The Villa actively seeks suitable, as well as unexpected and novel opportunities for artists-in-residence to showcase themselves and their art to the public—at the Villa itself or in other contexts.

Sulzberg Foundation, August 2014
Salon Culture
The Villa Sträuli takes full advantage of an intimate, vibrant salon culture when hosting its events. It is active in particular niche areas that provide a complement to the wider range of cultural activities. In addition to delivering superior-quality easily accessible programmes for a broader public, the Villa Sträuli is always on the lookout for new and challenging formats—and its role in bringing fresh momentum to the cultural landscape is recognised throughout Switzerland: the Villa Sträuli as a place for unexpected ideas, for sophisticated unconventional thinking. 
Dining and Event Catering
The Villa Sträuli’s dining and event catering services (Kulturbistro, venue hires, Sommerbistro, and other offerings) are its calling card. They are a reflection of the Villa and a celebration of the art of hospitality. The Villa upholds a high standard with regard to the choice of products, its staff, and the creativity of its selection.
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