07. Jun. 2021 - 15. Jul. 2021

Chiara Camoni

visual artist from Italy

Chiara Camoni works with drawing, sculpture, vegetal print and video in order to explore the expression of thought, through form and the collective generation of meaning. Her works are linked to the idea of flow and fusion within the basic daily dimension. She often works with the assistance of friends and relatives, all members of what can be called her extended studio or “Centri di Sperimentazione” to investigates the act of creating, of “sculpting” as the co-existence of form and void.With Cecilia Canziani she is developing for three years the cycle of seminars and workshops La Giusta Misura.

She lives and works in Fabbiano, in Tuscany's Versilia Hills.

> Chiara Camoni

06. Jun. 2021 - 15. Jul. 2021

Johannes Vogl

visual artist from Germany

Johannes Vogl (*1981) makes pretty wilful sculptures and machines from everyday items.

Refusing to be described as a classic sculptor, he is rather a poetic inventor. It is in everyday situations that Vogl frequently finds inspiration for his sculptures, installations or videos.

Objects and devices no longer serve man, they don't fulfill any meaningful tasks anymore, but are in a state of continuous loops and repetitive soliloquies. The works act the part of mechanical outsiders, of oddballs. The relationship between man and sculpture, subject and object, observer and the observed, is shifting in favour of the world of things.

Text by Milena Mercer

Johannes Vogl

01. Jun. 2021 - 15. Jul. 2021

Nathalie Daoust

photographer from Canada

Nathalie Daoust *1977 is a Canadian-born photographer. She studied photography at the Cégep du Vieux Montreal between 1994 and 1997. Her photographs have been widely exhibited internationally and have been the subject of numerous publications and awards. She ist currently living and working in Berlin. 


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