27. Feb. 2018 - 27. Apr. 2018

Karoline Kamel

Writer and Journalist from Egypt

Karoline is a writer and journalist with focusing on human rights and minority groups. She has published numerous articles and short stories about her travels, women’s issues, and social problems in Egypt.

Kamel is interested in continuing her writing career in travel literature and is currently working on her first novel.

She was invited by Pro Helvetia to the Villa Sträuli residency in Winterthur. 

15. Jan. 2018 - 15. Apr. 2018

Melanie Dorfer

Visual artist from Germany

Melanie Dorfer’s paintings express, in crossed strokes, both what is proper to painting and its extension. A poetry of evenly distributed colour culminates in an ambiguous spatiality, between cracks in the material and a stream of pigment dust. Melanie Dorfer paints the canvas itself, while the canvas itself paints.

In her expansive, large-scale paintings as well as in her “portable” ones, a flat support is folded depthwise, serving to interweave inside and outside. The complexion of these paintings approximates a skin, with the aim of discouraging the viewer from touching just as he/she is on the verge of doing so.

Melanie Dorfer studied painting with Tatjana Doll at the State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe and currently lives and works in Vienna and Karlsruhe.

> Melanie Dorfer

15. Jan. 2018 - 15. Apr. 2018

Agnès Guipont

Performer/musician from France

Agnès Guipont was born in France and has been living in Berlin since 2002. She dedicated herself to music at an early age but initially became an actress – she is a graduate of the Jacques Lecoq International School of Theatre in Paris. After a few years active in the Paris theatre scene, she moved to Berlin where she gained further stage experience (including, inter alia, in performance, as an assistant director, in children’s theatre, object and mask theatre, and musical theatre). Today, she is an interdisciplinary performer and focuses mainly on music projects. In 2012, under the project name “La Vie en Bô”, she started writing her own songs and setting poems by poets such as Charles Baudelaire and Mahmoud Darwish to music. The result is a body of work featuring vocals and sounds ranging from prepared piano to kitchen utensils.

For Agnès Guipont, content cannot be separated from form, and thus sound, voice, atmosphere, and rhythms are closely linked. She is currently working on a project titled “Frauenleben – Vie(s) de femme”, an experimental recital based on Robert Schumann’s song cycle “Frauenliebe und -leben” (The Love and Life of a Woman).

Visit Facebook for the latest news on Agnès Guipont and Soundcloud for several of her demos.

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